Writers’ Guidelines

Mystery Readers Journal goes out to over 2,000 international mystery readers. Each quarterly issue focuses on a different theme. Upcoming issues are:

Summer 2020:
Italian Mysteries (Deadline: May 7)
Autumn 2020:
Senior Sleuths (Deadline: June 15)
Winter 2020-21:
Irish Mysteries (Deadline: Sept. 15)

We do not publish fiction. Short reviews and articles focusing on the theme of the issue are welcome. Reviews of a single book should be 200 words or less, articles around 1000 words. If you are writing an article or essay, please try to provide a title OTHER than “Why I Write Mysteries About [subject]”.

MRJ is a wonderful source for fans to find new authors that they might enjoy. Think of it as talking to a friend about books. We are not a scholarly or academic publication—no footnotes, please. We do appreciate book citations including the publisher and year of publication (ISBNs not necessary).

Articles may be sent to Janet A. Rudolph, Editor, The Mystery Readers Journal, 7155 Marlborough Terrace, Berkeley, CA 94705, or by e-mail to janet@mysteryreaders.org.

PLEASE DON’T USE ALL CAPS FOR ANYTHING. (It makes our assistant editor very cranky when she has to spend time reformatting them.) Use italics or *asterisks* to indicate emphasis, and don’t worry about formatting for book titles—we’ll take care of that for you.

We’re sorry we can’t provide monetary compensation, but we will send you a complimentary copy of the issue in which your essay appears. (Be sure to include your mailing address with your submission.)